Ultimate Barrage Deal

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Ice Breaker - With great pace and perfect duration this 100 shot large garden firework is perfect for every occasion featuring bright blue tipped brocades, green stars and pink strobes with silver glitter. With such a great range of effects it is sure to become a firm favourite with the everyone. Also features dual fusing for added safety.


Jewel of the Nile - 25 shots, 28mm large bore cake with a mix of various colours and effects including red coconuts, yellow coconuts, comet and crackling tails.


Imperial Brocade - This fantastic 20 shot firework might have a safety distance of 8m but the large tube size and mixture of thick gold brocades with gorgeous coloured stars make this beautiful firework a true connoisseurs choice. 
CE & Dual fused.


Starburst - This 50 shot display cake really packs a punch. Red and green pearls with big comet tails rise to a multitude of different breaks full of colour and noise.


Gold Rush - Awesome 36 Shot CAT2 Garden Firework with the performance of much bigger fireworks. Firing a stream of stunning Gold Brocade Crown effect, Gold Rush is a superb "must have" firework.


Ballistic Rocket Pack - The awesome new 5 pack of Ballistic Rockets have a safe distance of 8m but are also 1.3G rated, meaning they have an extra dash of the hard stuff to make sure they really pack a punch. Each rocket comes with different coloured effects.

Plus a Choice of one of the following:

Banging Bananas - is a mix of Yellow Stars and Silver Glitter.

Ruby Duby Du - features Red Stars with Silver Glitter.

Angry Ants - fills the sky with Red and Blue Glitter and Gold tails.

Purple Rain - has a mix of Purple and Green Stars with Silver Glitter.

Blueberry Hill - has Blue stars and Crackling Dragon Eggs

Scary Spiders - weaves a web of Red tipped Brocades with Dragon Eggs.

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